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Legacy Goats

  PGCH,CH,MCH Castle Rock Jamaica  Birthday: 2006-04-13
  Dam: ARMCH,CH,PGCH Esperonza Sara
  DD : Esperonza Snowstorm   DS: MCH,PGCH,Pondersend Wall Street
  Sire: Twin Creeks Monteg0 Bay
  SD : MCH,CH Gay Mor JJU NonParell*3   SS: MCH Twin Creeks BAY Watch++S
 Milk Capacity: 3.4
 Percent Butterfat: 5.4
 Percent Protien: 3.6
 Height: 20

About me:
  Trippled Finished Jamaica past away last summer we will miss her always so many wonderful kids 4 finished does. Rest in peace.
  CH Brandywinefarms Magdalene *2  Birthday: 2008-03-22
  Dam: PGCH Twin Creeks Avolon
  DD : MCH, CH Gay Mor JJU NonParell *3   DS: Pecan /halloe Winds of Change
  Sire: PGCH,CH, MCH MYS Shango
  SD : MYS Seetheart   SS: Covent Kid Danny
 Milk Capacity: 2.5
 Percent Butterfat: 6.3
 Percent Protien: 4.3
 Height: 20

About me:
  Retired Sold.

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